About Us

At the Laverstoke Park Education Centre we are committed to teaching all generations the importance of natural farming, healthy eating and animal welfare.  We offer educational insights into every aspect of bio-diverse farming through this web site and through group visits to the Education Centre and farm. Over 20,000 students of all ages from 3 to 93 have visited us since […]

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PLEASE NOTE: THE EDUCATION OFFICER IS LEAVING IN JULY SO EDUCATIONAL GROUP VISITS FROM AUTUMN TERM 2017  ARE UNAVAILABLE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. We do not offer farm tours to individuals or individual families and the Education Centre is always closed at weekends.     An educational group visit to Jody Scheckter’s 2,500 acre organic farm […]

Green Fingered Entrepreneurs

GFE, our Green-Fingered Entrepreneurs programme, is both educational and fun! The goals of the programme are to aid cross curricular and cross phase partnerships with hands-on horticulturally based social enterprises. Young people are encouraged to grow horticultural produce, experiment with garden design and develop enterprise skills through selling, re-investing and donating any profits to a […]