The Farm


Jody Scheckter started his organic/biodynamic farm to produce “the best-tasting, healthiest food, without compromise” for himself and his family – and he applies that philosophy across the entire farm.

“To achieve this, we follow nature strictly, whilst utilising the latest scientific research, techniques and equipment” explains Jody Scheckter.

“To achieve a healthy, natural, environment, I believe there are two vital factors: firstly, biodiversity and secondly slow growing animals and plants. This begins with the soil.

Good Soil = Good Grass = Good Quality Animals = Better Tasting Food = Happy People!

Biodynamic and Organic

The 2,500 acres of Laverstoke Park Farm are certified as biodynamic by Demeter; the parkland is certified as organic by the Soil Association.

Biodynamic preparations are added to the compost and the land; planting follows the cycles of the moon as closely as possible in a British climate.

Research at Laverstoke – Working with Nature

Laverstoke Park has the only licensed Soil Foodweb laboratory in Europe. We offer comprehensive analyses of the biological health of soils for research centres, farmers and horticulturalists as well as consultancy services to some of the top growers in the UK and Europe.

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