Spring Term Programme

Programme includes activities, tips for success and entrepreneurial ideas.

**Please remember you can adapt the programme to suit all ages and abilities**

Tasks this term…

Thumb---Seedlings 1 – Seed sowing – ornamental flowers, herbs and vegetable plants

  • Seeds to be sown in pots and trays in classrooms
  • To be transplanted as necessary and potted up
  • To be sold by pupils.
2 – Growing potatoes – either outside in the school garden, or in pots where no open ground is available.

  • Potatoes to be chitted in February
  • Potatoes to be planted in the ground/pots just before Easter holidays
3 – Soil preparation – where appropriate, ground to be prepared for growing flowers, herbs and vegetables

  • Ground to be dug or, if No-dig system to be used, covered up to kill off any existing growth.
  • Fertility material (garden compost or leafmould) to be spread over the potential growing area /planting
  • Fertility material to be turned/raked in
  • Some sections of the ground to be covered with plastic/horticultural fleece to warm up prior to sowing
  • Seeds to be sown, ready for selling on as packs of transplants
  • Plants for cropping later, to be planted at the correct time
4 – General activities – maintenance and care of growing seedlings

  • Seedlings to be watered as needed
  • Seedlings to be pricked out and potted up as needed
  • Preparation of school plot (where possible)
  • Preparation of plant pots for potting on plants, growing potatoes
  • Management of plants during Easter holidays
  • Lifting roots of suitable plants for potting up/ growing on into sellable plants