Spring Term Weekly Tasks (7 to 12)

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**Please remember you can adapt the programme to suit all ages and abilities**

Below is a snapshot of weekly tasks for the spring term programme.

Tasks Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Week 11 Week 12
Clean/scrub empty trays or pots      
Room temperature compost          
Herb seed sowing in pots/trays        
Seed sowing vegetables in pots/trays    
Seed sowing flowering plants – in pots/trays        
Create a seedbed outside          
Seed sowing in seedbed        
Take cuttings for sale          
Take cuttings of rosemary, sage, thyme          
Clean and tidy growing areas        
Outside garden preparation        
Plant out          
Make labels      
Transplant seedlings        
Prick out seedlings      
Pot on larger plants        
Plant into the garden          
Remove dead or dying seedlings        
Plant out plants into the garden          
Plant plants left after plant sale          
Potato ‘chitting’          
Check potato patch for seed potatotes          
Plant seed potatoes          
Compost contents are well balanced        
Prepare a master sheet of plants for sale          
Selling large enough plants