Budding Entrepreneurs (Spring 1)

One of the most important decisions you will have to make is what charity or worthwhile cause will benefit from all your hard work! Perhaps your school already supports certain charities or would give you the opportunity to learn about other charities.

Citizenship- Supporting Charity

Maybe your teacher will allow your group/team to give a presentation during assembly about the charity you would like to support. You will need to learn about different charities that interest the students in your group and agree on one to present. You may well have only a few minutes to explain to other pupils and teachers about your chosen charity and why it is important so you will need to plan carefully and practise your presentation. Perhaps four other groups/teams could be given the opportunity on different days to present their chosen charities. At the end of five presentations, the pupils can “vote” for the charity they would most like to support, which will then benefit from all your GFE fund raising. Alternatively, the profit could be shared – half for the charity and half to raise money for something important for the school..


Using your maths skills, design a quick reference change grid. If a customer gives you a £1.00 coin to buy, for example, a 35p product, you can use the grid to check how much change to give back. This means there will be fewer mistakes made either by giving the customer not enough change, which can make your customer unhappy, or by giving back too much change, which means you do not raise as much money for your charity.