Classroom Activities (Spring 10)

This is a really busy time of year. The light levels will have increased, and with any luck, so will the temperatures. Seeds will usually germinate quickly now, and plants will put on plenty of growth. You’ve got a few weeks before Easter, so…..get growing!

walled-gardenAim (as week 9)

  1. To sow seeds of summer-cropping vegetables.
  2. To sow a range of herb seeds, for use in container planting.
  3. To sow some flower seeds, for use in container planting.
  4. To take cuttings to grow on for sale.
  5. To start preparing for Easter sale of herbs, planted containers of various sizes, and summer-cropping vegetable plants.


  1. All seed-sowing requirements as usual.
  2. Seeds of a range of herbs, flowers, and summer-cropping vegetables.
  3. Containers for planting up (see Tips for success for ideas)
  4. Sharp scissors and secateurs for taking cuttings.
  5. Tough gloves for use when taking cuttings.
  6. Cuttings material (see Tips for success for details)
  7. Pots (7cm) for cuttings.
  8. Potting compost/grit mix for cuttings See Pricking out  for proportions.  It is not necessary to add grit to compost for cuttings.
  9. Labelling material for summer-cropping vegetables, herbs and containers.


  1. Seed-sowing, using usual methods.
  2. Source containers ready for sowing and planting.
  3. Fill pots of potting compost (grit to be added if using) ready for cuttings.
  4. Water, then allow to drain.
  5. Take cuttings of rosemary, sage, thyme (see Tips for success for method)
  6. Pot up cuttings.
  7. Create labels for new plants.

Regular Activities

  1. Check seed trays daily for germination.
  2. Water young plants regularly – they will be growing faster now.
  3. Hoe weeds off and preparing ground for sowing/planting/composting.

Keep area clean and remove any dead/diseased plants on sight.