Garden Activities (Spring 10)

compost_siteAim (as week 9)

  1. To prepare a seed bed for sowing seeds.
  2. To have the soil in top condition for seed sowing and transplanting seedlings.
  3. To transplant sturdy seedlings so they can grow to maturity and be harvested and the crop sold.
  4. To sow leek and chive seeds in seedbed
  5. Keep weeds under control – they will have really started to grow by now.
  6. To compost garden waste, and keep the composting going well.


As previous weeks


  1. Sow seeds of leeks and chives in your prepared seedbed. Sow leeks thinly – you need to be able to count them when you sell them as transplants. Sow chives in pinches of a few seeds together. These will be sold in clumps – no need to count.
  2. Compost weed leaves, but not flowers or seeds.
  3. If compost bin only contains green material it will probably be too wet. Add crumpled envelopes and junk mail to get the balance right.
  4. Hoe off any weeds as they appear, to prevent them from flowering and setting seed.


Seeds for Outside Sowing

Leeks – very easy to grow from seed, they are started in a seedbed, then sold as transplants when about 15 – 20cm tall. This will give you a selling opportunity around May. Usually sold in bundles of 20. Varieties available – early (autumn eating), and late (winter/next spring eating). Why not grow some of each type? Check the packet carefully so you can inform your customers accurately.

Chives – useful not only for cooking, but, when in flower, are wonderful insect food plants. Look great in containers and grow happily there. Make great edging round vegetable beds. So plenty of selling ideas.