Classroom Activities (Spring 11)


  1. To prepare for a spring sale of a range of plants (see Tips for success for more information)
  2. To prepare for Easter holidays.
  3. To plant out into garden any plants that are ready for transplanting.


  • Labels for plant sale.
  • Hand forks and trowels for planting out.


  1. Pot up any seedlings that are ready for sale
  2. Pots should be clean & labels should be attractive and informative
  3. Prepare a master sheet of plants on sale for handy reference by all involved in the sale
  4. Pot up/prick out seedlings as usual. If left in small trays or pots over the holidays, these plants may well dry out and die
  5. Decide method of plant care over Easter holidays. (see Tips for success for more information)
  6. Plant out into the garden all those plants, such as salads & spinach, that will tolerate the weather at this time of year. Not the tender plants – they need to remain inside


Regular Activities

  1. Care for seedlings and potted-on plants as normal.
  2. Ensure plenty of room-temperature water is available. Plants will be growing faster, and have more top growth. That makes them thirstier.