Tips for Success (Spring 11)

Spring sale of plants can include plants ready to be planted into the garden as well as those tender plants that need to be kept inside until the end of May. The Easter break is a busy time in garden centres, therefore a good time for you to be selling plants.

If the tender plants, (the geraniums & gazanias) are big enough (12 – 18cm tall) and are in their final pots, they can be sold. But do make sure that purchasers realise that these plants need to remain inside until the end of May, when the weather is warm enough for them to be planted outside.

Try to sell anything that’s big enough. The more you sell, the less you have to care for over the holidays. Any salads/spinach left over can be planted into the school patch. However, any remaining tender plants need alternative arrangements.

Plant care over Easter holidays needs thought. Two weeks is too long for plants to go without attention at this stage in their growth. As light levels and temperatures rise, plants will grow rapidly. It is essential either for someone to come into school every couple of days to deal with watering and general maintenance, or for the plants to be taken away and cared for elsewhere. Gardening is a very ‘hands on’ activity, especially in spring.