Garden Activities (Spring 12)


  1. To plant seed potatoes
  2. To plant any suitable plants left-over from the sale
  3. To make sure compost bin contents are well-balanced
  4. To sow seeds if time and space permit


  • As before
  • Labels for potatoes, plants and seeds


  1. Plant potatoes either in a trench, or individual holes, 12 – 15cm deep, ‘rose’ end (one with the most shoots) uppermost.
  2. Spacing – 30cm between potatoes, 38cm between rows.
  3. Cover with soil carefully so as not to break off any shoots.
  4. Cover the rows with horticultural fleece, if you have any. This will protect the seed potatoes from frosts occurring during the holidays.
  5. Alternatively, drag soil up from in-between rows, to mound over the newly-planted potatoes. Use a spade or rake for this task.
  6. Label each row with date and variety.
  7. Potatoes can also be planted in pots, 1 seed potato in a 30cm pot, 5 in a dustbin. Label each pot with date and variety.
  8. Plant out any plants left-over from the sale. These would be mostly salad and spinach. Allow to mature, then sell in ready-to-eat bags early in the summer term.
  9. Label each row.
  10. Compost all garden waste.
  11. If the compost bin only contains decomposing plant material, it could be too wet. Add some crumpled or shredded envelopes and junk mail. The dry paper will provide the carbon needed to balance the high nitrogen, green stuff.
  12. Cover the bin so that heavy spring rains don’t saturate the mixture.
  13. Make sure the lid or cover is fixed well so it won’t blow off in high winds during the holidays.