Budding Entrepreneurs (Spring 2)


When you are in a supermarket, look and see how packaging is designed to appeal to different people; packing for children is usually brightly coloured and often includes pictures. Designs for products which appeal mainly to adults are more informative and less colourful; health foods are quite often packaged in brown paper bags and/or have very plain designs to make them appear more “natural”. Perhaps you can bring in some empty (and clean!) packaging from home and try to work out which age group and/or type of product they are aimed at just from how they look.

Art & Designart

In art, you need to think about designing packaging for your products – tissue paper and a bit of ribbon works wonders! Dirty, muddy pots do not look attractive to customers!

Also think about how your customers will take their products home – wet pots do not work well in thin paper bags so perhaps a solution is to put a planted pot with drainage holes into a larger pot that has not yet had the holes made? Can you make some bags out of folding newspapers and magazines? Go to www.newspaperbagproject.com for instructions and recycle! Test the strength and durability of the bags before your sale so you know what will and won’t work in these bags; if you need something stronger, perhaps you can bring in some plastic carrier bags from home and reuse them?