Classroom Activities (Spring 2)


More seed sowing if not finished last week.
Prepare reflective sheets, ready for seed germination, to prevent plants leaning towards the light

Equipment needed 

  • For seed sowing – as last week’s list
  • Aluminium foil
  • Cardboard (A4 or A3 size)
  • Sticky tape


  1. Cut your cardboard sheets so that they will fit on the outside of your drip tray, behind your pots of seeds.
    Cover the cardboard with the foil, shiny side out. Tape tight.
  2. Tape the covered cardboard into place onto the back of your drip tray.
  3. Where the drip tray is too shallow for taping, fold the cardboard so that it has three sides, and fits free-standing across the back and down the sides of the drip tray. The foil should cover all three sides of the cardboard, so that light is reflected onto the pots of germinating seeds.
  4. When seeds germinate, remove the plastic covering immediately, and install the reflective backing. Plants always lean towards the light and this can cause weak, spindly growth. Reflecting light to the back of the seedlings will encourage sturdy, even growth.

Seeds for Inside Sowing

As last week.

Also Gazania – a wonderful showy plant, a superb border or container plant.