Classroom Activities (Spring 3)

Sow vegetable seeds for early crops.
Prepare for potting on of germinated seedlings. It is highly likely that some seeds will have germinated by now. See separate instruction sheet for full details.

Equipment needed

  • For sowing vegetable seeds use trays, not pots (see Tips for Success)
  • For potting on large plants (such as summer-flowering Geranium and Gazania), larger pots (10cm approx) will be needed
  • For clumps of Lobelia, trays, modules or small pots (small yoghurt pots ideal, bases pierced) will be needed.
  • Potting compost (warmed as before) – possibly another large bag (60L) required about now.
  • Medium horticultural grit – they come in standard bags of 25kg. You’ll need at least 2 bags, maybe more.
  • Blunt pencils, or thin short canes (to lift seedlings out of seed trays). These are the green ones, usually used for plant supports. Buy from florist’s shops, or garden centres. Cut each in half to make plenty for the class.
  • Plant labels
  • Watering can with a ‘sprinkler rose’, well-scrubbed inside with hot soapy water, and rinsed.

For sowing vegetable seeds.

  1. Line the large trays, base and sides, with plastic liner, ready to be filled with potting compost.
  2. All pots, trays, modules and strips should be cleaned, ready for the seedlings when they are large enough to prick out.
  3. Mix potting compost and grit together to obtain a well-drained mix ideal for pricking out. See Information sheet for details. Store in closed bags until needed.


  1. To sow vegetables seeds – fill the trays with potting compost but leave enough space to sow and cover seeds as before. Make sure you fill the corners. Tap/shake it all down and level the surface.
  2. walled-gardenWater thoroughly, using a watering can with warm water.
    Sow seeds in lines, or scatter randomly over the whole tray.
  3. Cover the seeds with potting compost, depth according to packet instructions.
  4. Label each tray carefully.
  5. These seeds don’t need much warmth to germinate. They can go into a cool, but frost-free, room if necessary. They will need light.
  6. To prick out seedlings – are your seedlings big enough to hold by the leaves? If so, consult the Information sheet and start to prick out your little seedlings into larger containers so they can develop.
  7. Have your seeds germinated? If so, get those plastic covers off, and the reflective backings in place. Let the seedlings grow until you’ve got at least two sturdy leaves to hold when pricking out.

Seeds for Inside Sowing


salad_crops Salad crops – lots of different lettuce can be sown inside now. Germinate and allow to develop in large, deep trays, then sell as bunches of sturdy transplants. Seed catalogues carry a vast range to choose from.
spinach Spinach – Similar to salad – grow in trays as above. Sell as transplants, ready for planting out into the vegetable garden.
spring_onions Salad (spring) onions – sow seeds in small pots, in thinly spaced clumps. Sell in bunches for transplanting once they are a reasonable size.