Classroom Activities (Spring 4)



Sowing more seeds (if relevant)
Creating informative and attractive labels for marketing and selling plants.

Equipment needed

  • Seed sowing – as week 3
  • Card, coloured or plain
  • Colouring equipment – pens, paints and so on
  • Photos of plants – if possible


You may have had enough of seed sowing. You may have run out of space! If not, continue to sow seeds as in previous weeks. You want a good quantity to offer for sale.

  1. Remember to label clearly what you’ve sown, and the sowing date
  2. Using the information from the seed packets, create attractive plant labels that will be fixed to plant pots when sold.
  3. Labels should have plant name, colour, height, and include brief details of where to plant, and maintenance.
  4. Create a master information sheet to be used for quick reference during the sale. This should have plant names in alphabetical order, basic planting details and plant care. Customers will ask about the plants they’re buying, even if there are labels in the pots!