Classroom Activities (Spring 5)


To start seed potatoes ‘chitting’ before planting (see Tips for Success)

Equipment needed

  • Seed potatoes – choose early varieties, as these will be ready to eat in July. ‘Early’ potato varieties require 100 growing days (approx) to develop. They are perfect for schools as they are planted outside just before the Easter break, and harvested towards the end of the summer term.
  • Shallow boxes to put them in – old egg boxes are perfect or box lids are also good. Cut down boxes to about 7cm.
  • Card to create labels to identify potato varieties bought.


  1. Handling the seed potatoes very carefully, and keeping varieties together, place them into the boxes, ‘rose’ end up. This is the end where most of the tiny sprouts can be seen. Don’t worry if you’re not sure though, just stand them on an end, not the side.
  2. Label carefully


Regular Activities

  1. As week 4 and check on germinating seedlings.
  2. When two sets of leaves are large enough to hold, it’s time to prick them out.

Make sure you’ve got plenty of clean pots for potting on.