Classroom Activities (Spring 6)


  1. To prepare for half-term week (see Tips for Success)
  2. To sort out seedlings, and newly sown seeds.
  3. To prepare for more sowing after half-term.


As previous weeks


  1. Water anything that needs watering before you leave for the holiday.
  2. Prick out any seedlings that are big enough. Water well before the end of Friday.
  3. Allocate carers for any trays that are likely to need attention. These will be those where seeds are just starting to emerge. They should have care during the holiday, not just be left in school.
  4. Before leaving for half-term, move plants, with their reflective backing, away from sunny windows. This is to avoid possible sun scorch. No need to be in deep shade, just back far enough so that these tender new leaves don’t get full sun for hours on end.
  5. Make sure that labels are ready for potting on.
  6. Make sure that larger pots are ready for pricked out plants.
  7. Make sure you have enough room-temperature potting compost/grit mix for potting on plants. You’ll be busy after half-term.
  8. Make sure you have enough room-temperature water for your plants. They’ll be thirsty when you return after the break.

Continue to produce labels for the sale of summer Geraniums, Gazania and Lobelia.