Tips for Success (Spring 6)

  1. Remove plastic coverings and take home any seed trays where little green shoots are appearing. Look after them during the break, using the usual methods. Don’t bother about pricking out, the seedlings will last a week in the trays, as long as they get basic care.
  2. Once school starts again, they can be pricked out into larger pots/trays. They should be fine.
  3. Chitting potatoes should be moved away from windows. Frost is possible during this week and tubers close to windows will be at risk. Just put their boxes on the floor, or on tables back from the windows. That should be enough.

School holidays are always a bit tricky for young plants. You may lose some seedlings if they get dry, but if you water at the very end of the last day, and keep seeds back from full sun, it should work.