Garden Activities (Spring 8)

walled-gardenAim – (As Week 7)

  1. To prepare a seed bed for sowing seeds.
  2. To have the soil in top condition for seed sowing and transplanting seedlings.
  3. To transplant sturdy seedlings so they can grow to maturity and be harvested and the crop sold.

Equipment – (As Week 7)

  • As before, especially rakes. Also hoes.
  • If necessary, planks/boards to walk on to avoid treading on wet soil.
  • Start collecting clean plastic carrier bags ready for the sale of transplants later this term.

Activity – (As Week 7)

  1. Create a seedbed. This is where you’ll be sowing seeds prior to either transplanting seedlings into the garden, or for selling as young seedlings to your customers.
  2. Choose one of the areas you’ve had warming up under a cover. Fork this area over thoroughly, removing all weeds, and stones.
  3. Break down any large lumps of soil with a rake. The aim is to have level, lump-free soil for optimum seed germination.
  4. Rake the area well, until it is ‘table-top’ smooth. This might be almost impossible if the soil is heavy clay.
  5. Sow your seeds in rows as before. Remember to label each row clearly with what you’ve sown. You’ll be selling the seedlings just before Easter, ready for customers to plant in their gardens. Any spares can be planted in the school garden, grown to maturity, then bagged and sold as ready-to-eat veg.
  6. Hoe off any germinating weeds before they flower and seed. Compost this material.
    Reminder – add fertility material to the potato-growing area, if not yet done. You’ll be planting the potatoes in a few weeks time, and the soil needs to be ready.

Seeds for Sowing Outside – (As Week 7)


spinach Spinach – spinach can either be sold as young leaves for using in salad, or left to mature into large leaves. Why not have both options for your customers to buy? Also, sell as transplants to local gardeners.
salad_crops Salads of different varieties – very popular at the moment, salad mixes cost a fortune in supermarkets. Either grow the seed mixtures now available. Or choose your own range of different varieties and make your own mixtures. Again, sell as ready-to-eat young leaves, or as transplants for others to grow at home.
spring_onions Spring Onions – fast growing, these should be ready for sale in about 8-12 weeks from sowing.