Summer Term Programme

Programme includes activities, tips for success and entrepreneurial ideas.

**Please remember you can adapt the programme to suit all ages and abilities**

Tasks this term…

Seedlings 1 – Seed sowing – ornamental flowers, herbs and vegetable plants

  • Herbs can be sown directly into pots, ready for sale in the pot
  • Vegetable varieties for transplanting late in the term
  • Hardy annuals and vegetables can be sown in containers in strips, ready for sale
  • Predator-attracting flowers for pest control in the school garden
Thumb-Potatoes 2 –  Growing potatoes – general care for potatoes 

  • Earthing up in open ground
  • Watering regularly in pots
  • Harvesting crop in early July ready for sale
summer_flowers 3 –  Summer containers – prepare containers of plants for sale

  • Sow seeds of ‘cut and come again’ salads
  • Sow seeds of flowers plus sturdy herb plant, for decorative/edible container
  • Sow seeds of insect attractant flowers (butterflies, bees and so on)
 4 – Gardening activities – maintenance of the garden outside  

  • Weeds to be hoed off regularly
  • Seeds to be sown in succession for crops throughout the season
  • Take cuttings of suitable plants as growth starts in late spring
  • Pot cuttings and care for, ready for sale later
  • Pests and diseases to be managed
  • Newly-planted seedlings to be well-watered until established
  • Sale of seedlings, in agreed quantities, such as batches of 12s or 20s, when ready
greenhouse  5 – General activities – maintenance and care of plants inside and outside   

  • Seedlings to be watered as needed
  • Seedlings to be pricked out and potted up as needed
  • Management of plants during the half-term break
  • Hardening off tender plants ready for planting outside