Spring Lambs

Find out more about the Spring Lambs at Laverstoke Park

  • Lambs are born in the spring. Our white, Welsh Lleyn ewes and our black, Scottish Hebridean ewes give birth between early April and mid-May. Our buffalo calves are born all year round.
  • The rams are put in with the ewes (tupping) in November and the ewes are ultra-sound scanned the following February. They are colour-coded and fed extra food rations, according to how many lambs they are carrying. Lleyns usually have twins but may have between one and four. Hebrideans have single lambs or twins.
  • A total of around 1700 lambs were born here this spring. When triplets are born, the shepherd tries to give one of them to another ewe with a single lamb or whose lamb has died. Sheep refuse to look after lambs that are not their own so the shepherd must trick them into believing the lamb is theirs!
  • Our shepherd checks and moves his flocks regularly, assisted by his lovely sheepdogs – Queen, Maisie and Skye.
  • Some female lambs will be selected for breeding but the majority of our slow-growing lambs will be reared for 4 months or more on our herb-enriched pastures to produce superior quality meat.


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